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Aggro Crag

"The points have skyrocketed in this event." - Mike O'Malley (Host of Guts)

This mountain that the contestants had to climb in the final event usually decided the winner. There have been a few occasions where someone has finished first on the crag but ultimately did not win the show overall. Because the point values in the crag event were so high (see picture above), a contestant could come from behind and win besides making earlier mistakes in the show.

While climbing the mountain, each contestant had to press targets (usually referred to as "actuators"). In the first season there were six targets; about midway through the season this became seven targets. When it became the Mega Crag this would change one more time.

During the climb to the top of the Crag many obstacles stood in the contestants way. These included: simulated lightning storms, rock avalanches, flying "snow" (glitter and confetti), "nuclear flying crystals", and steep walls.

There was several ways to receive penalties on the Crag. Any penalty would result in the contestant automatically receiving third place points. According to Wikipedia, some of the penalties were:

- Aggro Crag Rules (as spoken by Moira Quirk)