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Global Guts Rules/General Information

Global Guts is pretty much the same as Nickeloden Guts except it has kids from eight differnt countries compete against each other and only one wins a piece of the radical rock. The three colors are the same: red, blue, and purple. The eight countries are:

United Kingdom (U.K.)

During the regular game there are four events selected at random for each show. For a  list of the events please
click here.
At the end of each event they had a segment called "Spill Your Guts" where each player talked about themself and told everyone why they were going to win.
Then at the end of each show they did the final round called the Super Aggro Crag. The winner of the show recieved a gold medal and a piece of the radical rock. The second and third place people won silver and bronze metals respectively.

Miscellaneous Pictures