Aggro Crag

The legendary mountain made famous in the original Nickelodeon Guts and Global Guts is back in the new Nickelodeon game show My Family's Got Guts! This time the Crag has gotten bigger and even has a new side that is only revealed in the Semi-Finals and Aggro Bowl. There are two versions of the Crag: 2-Person and 4-Person. Below is a description and pictures of both versions.

2-Person Aggro Crag

In the 2-Person Aggro Crag, two players from each family compete and the first player to reach the top of the Crag sends their Family to the Semi-Finals. The first player climbs up the "Ice Serpent Switchbacks" (pictured left) which are essentially walkways that go down as you try to climb up. After hitting all four actuators a gate would drop down allowing the other family member to climb up the Vertical Freeze and reach the Crystal Peak and victory.

4-Person Aggro Crag

The 4-Person Aggro Crag reveals a whole new side of the Crag. The first player balances and runs through the Mesas; then the second player climbs up the Ice Serpent Switchbacks and hits an actuator. The gate will drop to reveal a new side of the crag where the player must slide down the vortex (pictured above right).

Waiting at the bottom, player three must navigate themself through the "Crag Caverns" a maze located behind the Crag. Then the player must run through the Glacial Gorge and back to the front of the Crag. Finally, the last player must climb up the Vertical Freeze and reach the Crystal Peak first to claim victory.